Plane Tiered

27 Jul

Thoughts seem shorter on the way through plains and airports. Maybe it is because I am spending most of my mental energy on keeping organised and listening to every last thing that’s said. Weather it is the riddling words of the all knowing loud speaker, or the miss understood simplicity of the security and flight staff, not one scrap of information will fall past these ears.




27 Jul

The sobbing sounds of a wailing line in the corridors of Melbourne’s airport, late in the morning where not the most re-assuring noises to listen to as I began my first “alone” trip over seas. Holding back the unmistakable feeling of excitement, nervousness and anxiousness that built quickly in my the back of my throat, stomach, and tear ducts on the walk towards the sliding doors of no return, aka customs. I was able to tell myself that there is no going back now, and luckily that helped me calm and understand that everything was going to be ok. I mean, thousands of people do this everyday all over the world, how hard can it get?


Short Lived, Long Life

25 Jul

It’s been a good 3 days with my License and now I have to say good-bye to it for the next three weeks. I’ll be in Seattle, Washington for that time, soaking in everything that the US has to offer and writing to  keep my mind open and sane. On my trip I’ll be posting daily to keep readers up to date with what I’m doing.




23 Jul


Shot Down

21 Jul

I find myself asleep at the bottom of the world. When I wake I reach the top, and as the day continued I fall faster and faster back to the bottom.

Life Story. paNoq


21 Jul

Keep an eye OUT!

Think Back… Wards

20 Jul