Mighty Tieton

5 Aug

A Farm In Tieton

A small fruit based agricultural town to the east of Seattle in Yakima County with a population of nearly one and a half thousand people. The town is mostly mexicans, due to the labor needed for picking apples and other fruits. There is an art gallery/storage facility that i am occupying during the day. The art is on show in an exhibition called ’10x10x10 by Tieton’. The titles relation to the works is that they all need to be a 10x10x10 scale, the reason for the small scale is to stress the intimacy between the viewer and the works. From 550 submissions of art works Ed Marquand (the exhibitionist) narrowed them down to 180 different works from 140 different artists from the US and all over the globe, Thailand being the furthest.


One Response to “Mighty Tieton”

  1. David August 5, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    Hello, mother nature’s son. Do hope you have fun in Mighty Tieton, and gain good experience, and that your time there will be an interesting complement to Seattle. Also hope you are not homesick for the city!

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