Live And Direct

27 Jul

From the floors of LAX airport (gate 85 to be exact) in Los Angeles with a slice of “California pizza kitchen” pizza in one hand and a bottle of “Arizona ice tea” in the other and my Internet disabled Mac parked on my lap. And after a long and almost sleepless flight, I think I deserve it.

Managing to get myself from plane to plane, gate to gate, with little to no problems was a hassle, but fun. I’m glad to know that the flights are almost over, but at the same time I’m sad to leave the quick passed life of a traveller.

It has been one insane experience getting from Melbourne to LA, and the people at LAX sum it all up. In all different, shape, sizes, colours and nationalities the people of America are a fascinating bunch. Of course not all the people at the airport are Americans but the majority are, and they are hilarious, I have never given myself so many little chuckles, smirks and worried glares, but I guess that’s what the states is; one big mix of everything. To top it all off a Mexican American served me my first of US advice. He said, “don’t care man” and walked off into the bustling city of Los Angeles.

P.S. The pizza is gross. But Arizona Ice Tea RULES!



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