27 Jul

33,562 ft up

2212 km travelled

10 hrs 43 min remaining

The passenger in front of me is having difficulty breathing due to the altitude, but for me, I am still pushing on comfortably. The occasional glance at the tv screen (smaller than what I have at home) keeps me aware of where I am over the largest ocean in the world, and the music pumped out of my headphones keeps my ears un-blocked and my sanity. Going back to the poor girl in front. It seems strange that some people just can’t deal with certain situations. I could spend a week in this plane at this altitude but she seems like she would rather swim than spend another minute in the air. Then again she is doing a lot better than the hundreds of crying babies. I wonder though, why do some people take pain or comfort differently? I would assume that it has to do with how you’re feeling at the moment, have you had a good day or a bad day? But after some thinking, I came to the idea that we all go through the same un-comfortable situations and painless moments, it’s just the way we react to them is up to how well we’ve prepare ourselves for them. For example, I could honestly cope with the feeling of being stabbed now much more than when it happened. Now when things that are painful occur, they fall comparison to getting stabbed. I feel that the same goes for trauma, but of course I can only speak for myself.



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